1. I wish peace for myself and my loved ones
  2. I wish to be healthy
  3. I wish to be wealthy
  4. I wish to be understood
  5. I wish to pay my debts very soon
  6. I wish to have holidays with my beloved ones
  7. I wish to achieve good and honest clients
  8. I wish to be more patient
  9. I wish to live in a bigger appartment
  10. I wish not to worry about unimportant things
  11. I wish to spend more time with my friends
  12. I wish to spend more time making music
  13. I wish to be able to walk better
  14. I wish to renew my studio
  15. I wish to have a good human in my studio
  16. I wish to get more ideas to improve my finances
  17. I wish to be more appreciated
  18. I wish to be more clever
  19. I wish to remain young in my thoughts
  20. I wish that my family and I care heartfully for each other
  21. I wish that Adrian may finally find his way
  22. I wish that Anita may find a good job
  23. I wish that my children feel content
  24. I wish that my children accept my decissions
  25. I wish that Nina finds her peace
  26. I wish that Nina finds her confidence in me
  27. I wish that Nina finds a good job
  28. I wish that Nina undestands me
  29. I wish that Iva behaves
  30. I wish that Iva finds good friends
  31. I wish that Iva accepts me
  32. I wish that Iva improves in the school
  33. I wish that Nina undestands me
  34. I wish to spend more time painting
  35. I wish to illustrate and draw more
  36. I wish to have a cosy home
  37. I wish to gain new friends
  38. I wish that people stop to hate
  39. I wish that only the truth is been told
  40. I wish to make a beautiful song
  41. I wish to improve my knowledge about everything
  42. I wish to go to Rovinj
  43. I wish to find a nice place in Rovinj to live
  44. I wish to see many places in Europe
  45. I wish to make peace with everyone
  46. I wish to be able to buy new cimbals
  47. I wish to go more often for a walk
  48. I wish that my backpain disappears
  49. I wish to become stronger physically
  50. I wish to find good shoes for better walking
  51. I wish to go to Sarajevo
  52. I wish to encourage and help my nephews
  53. I wish that my parents house may be renovated
  54. I wish to have my car fixed
  55. I wish to be able to buy a more comfortable car soon
  56. I wish be able to walk without any help
  57. I wish to start new projects
  58. I wish to engage myself in the culture work
  59. I wish to to do more music management
  60. I wish to cooperate more with different people
  61. I wish to refurniture my appartment
  62. I wish to sleep better at night
  63. I wish to wake up more relaxed
  64. I wish to have some spare time on my own
  65. I wish to find some freelance jobs
  66. I wish to start some new interesting business
  67. I wish to watch more movies
  68. I wish to write more poems
  69. I wish to fascinate more people with my works
  70. I wish to make more exhibitions
  71. I wish to write a children book and illustrate it
  72. I wish to see my own tree growing
  73. I wish to do gardening
  74. I wish to stop smoking
  75. I wish to be more involved in life
  76. I wish to remain vivid and awake
  77. I wish to accept the things I can not change
  78. I wish to keep on beleiving in good
  79. I wish to be more romantic
  80. I wish to enjoy more my time
  81. I wish to overcome my fears
  82. I wish to be strong in mind
  83. I wish remain polite
  84. I wish not to swear and curse
  85. I wish to be more selfconfident
  86. I wish to find more inspiring music
  87. I wish go to and watch some football games
  88. I wish to understand the nature
  89. I wish to be more consequent
  90. I wish to start a new and better life
  91. I wish to look after myself more and better
  92. I wish to eat good and healthy food
  93. I wish to stop complaining
  94. I wish to be content and satisfied
  95. I wish to be and remain happy
  96. I wish to make others happy
  97. I wish to have a cat
  98. I wish to stay here in Erlenbach
  99. I wish us a good marriage
  100. I wish to live good


1. Harmony, understanding, loving energy that surrounds us giving me and all of us a feeling of togetherness and oneness

7. Clients that understand the work I am doing – and client who feel the heartbeat of my work and client who are not bound with the costs, generous work for generous clients

13. A fixed prothesis, so fixed that I have no difficulties walking – a light and handy material making no troubles whatsoever

44. A longer trip by car or a camper where I may experience all the beauty of many places, cities, meeting new people and enjoying their company

99. The happy marriage with Nina – be for each other when we need each other, understanding, softness, passion, loving words, loving touches – going for the one, together

36. A nice, with light fullfilled place where everyone of us has his own room and space – and place for our friends and families – a harmonic place with an extraordinary atmosphere

23. Spending real quality time with my children where coprehenssion and love for each other rule – being able to talk about everything esspecially about feelings, encouraging each other in decissions we all make

66. A new business that challenges me, where I can learn to stand up for myself and for the things I beleive in – together with people and for the people

3. With my work I can finally again be able to set up a life with no finacil problems – debtless and without bad feelings – an honest proof of my work

76. I never stop to take any part in social life, very straight and open to any new influences so that my mind do not rust nad I am surrounded by people of every age

Harmony, understanding and loving energy that surrounds us giving me and all my beloved ones a feeling of togetherness and oneness – one for all, all for one